Where Are blenders made? (59 Brands checked) 

The Blender was created by a self-taught man named Ton Rugendal. He started planning Blender as an in-house application for NewGeo.

Ton Rugendal wrote the first source file on January 2, 1996, entitled “Blender”.

Initially, based on Ton Rugendal’s Attic, his Blender brand became the largest company in the Netherlands after winning the award.

That means Blender was first made in the Netherlands. Blenders include different brands with origins in different countries.

Keep reading the full article to find out where a brand of blender is made.


Ninja is a US brand. The product was designed in the United States but has been integrated into China.

The brand was launched in September 2013, after which it gradually launched various products, starting with the Blender.

The Ninja Blender comes with a very limited 1-year warranty.


Oster is a high-quality blender made in North America. Oster blenders are claimed to be the first mainstream brand.

In 1946, the Oster brand was acquired by the Electric Company.

In 1922, this company patented the liquefying blender. It has a longer warranty period, which is typically 10 years.

Silver crest

Silvercrest is a Vancouver-based private company that is a subsidiary of the German industrial power electronics company, limited.

Although Silver Crest blenders are manufactured in Germany, their components often come from China. They are very affordable, usually starting at $8.00.

These blenders offer a 1-year warranty for free replacement of damaged parts.

The optimum

Optimum is one of the most popular kitchen appliance suppliers as well as one of the best brands. Optimum blenders are manufactured in Taiwan.

Based on an exclusive factory, this high-quality, popular brand designs a variety of cooking utensils, starting with blenders.

The brand had to pay a $10,800 fine for violating a law. Prices usually range from $300 to well over $1,500.


The Vitamix brand is headquartered in China, and the corporate office is in Cleveland, Ohio. Although Vitamix blenders are made in China, more than 70% of them are made in the United States.

And less than 30% is made in China and shipped to different countries.

These cost between $200 and $1,000.The Vitamix brand offers a long 10-year warranty due to its good quality.


Homegeek is one of the best brands worldwide for the manufacture of kitchen products, desserts, and various soft drinks.

This blender is made by Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Com Ltd. They manufacture their products in China. It also owns the current trademark, Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Com Ltd. 

Homezic blenders cost between $100 and $1,000. They have a warranty period of 365 days (1 year).


Beauty blenders are made in the United States. However, its factory is made in China. Rhea Ann Silva is the founder and CEO of Professional Beauty Blender. 

Beauty blenders can last up to 6 months depending on the proper use of makeup. They are priced very low at $10 to $30.


Kitchenaid blenders have been made in China since 1941. Due to the popularity of these blenders, they were distributed throughout the United States and were assembled at their factory in Greenville, Ohio.

Prices can range from $25 to a maximum of $500. 

These come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. They are ready to provide free service in the case of any problem within 1 year.

Want Join

Want Join blenders are made in China. These are very beautiful and attractive for the kitchen. These blenders are not very expensive; they start at $40.


Breville is a popular Australian brand. It was founded in 1932 in Sydney. It is best known for small household appliances, especially blenders, toasters, ovens, coffee machines, and kettles.

Braville is owned by Breville Group Limited Company. Breville blenders range in price from $100 to $1000. Their products are only covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Magic bullet

The Magic Bullet compact blenders are quite beautiful and are a nice addition to the kitchen. Although the brand is owned by an American company, the products are made in China. These blenders are sold in more than 50 countries.

Magic Bullet blenders come with a 1-year warranty.

Cuisinart stick

Cuisinart stick blenders are made in China. With this blender, many smoothie soups, creams, eggs, etc. can be blended.

These are rated 4.3 out of 5, and are preferred by customers for their good quality.

Cuisinart smart blenders have a limited 3-year warranty.

The Cleanblend

Cleanblend is a high-powered, attractive and easy-to-use blender. The Cleanblend company started its journey in 2013. This blender was originally made in the United States.

It has begun to be imported from the United States to various countries. Prices range from $99.99 to around $500.

These blenders have a long warranty of 5-7 years for their durability and quality.


The Magimix blender is an excellent tool in the kitchen to help prepare all the food. Every part of this brand is made in France.

The brand became known as the Magimix brand on March 1, 1971. 

Then, in 1975, it was invented by a man named Pierre Verdun, the uncle of Edward de Janelis. It offers a long 30-year warranty period for its manufacturer and a 3-year warranty for genuine manufacturing defects.

Patriot power

The Patriot power blender is a portable blender designed to fit in your pocket. It was created by the Patriot Health Alliance.

Get the best deal, with handling and free shipping for the Patriot Power Blender at just $34.75 per unit. 

It is a Nashville-based electronics company with a 1-year warranty for its products.


Smeg is a well-known Italian electronics company. It was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni in Guastalla.

Bertazzoni’s entrepreneurial history and productivity began in the 19th century. 

Smeg brand products such as blenders, dishwashers, ovens, etc. have global affiliates. Smeg blenders in the US often start at $249.95 and go up to higher rates.


Jawz is a top American brand that is an essential tool in a complete kitchen. All Jawz blenders are exported from America.

The Jawz blender will replace the various appliances on your counter.

Blenders of this brand tend to be a little more expensive. It offers a 2-year warranty period for its products.


Blendtec is an American company and a division of Tech, Inc. It sells residential blenders of various models and sizes.

It was founded by Tom Dixon in 1975 and has operated primarily since 2016 from Utah, Orem, and the United States.

All components of this brand of blender are made in the United States. These prices range from $200 to well over $1,000.


Braun is a German brand whose blenders are made in Romania. Braun’s product range includes over 200 products manufactured in ten manufacturing centers in France, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Ireland, China and the United States.

The brand has been owned by the company since 1967.

Braun blenders offer their customers a 3-year warranty. Due to their good quality, they are rated 5.8 out of 5 stars by the customers.


Nutribullet is a company owned by a California-based capital brand. The company introduced these blenders in 2012.

Their blenders were so popular that they predicted a net income of about $290 million by 2020. 

Nutrible blenders offer a very short 1 year warranty for their products.

Black and Decker

Black and Decker is a more popular and wonderful brand. It is a leading global manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions. The company was established in 1910.

It is located in the United States, and Black and Decker blenders are made in the United States. It is headquartered in Towson, Maryland, north of Baltimore.

Black and Decker blenders have a limited 2-year warranty.


Bosch blenders are German products. They are manufactured in a very standard way in Germany.

Bosch blenders have had a history of excellence in quality since 1952.

These blenders were designed to make baking and cooking easier. It has gained a lot of reputation as the best stand blender for making bread, cakes, cookies, etc.


Cuisinart products are mainly made in France and China. The Cuisinart brand is a division of Conair Corporation. It started in 1959 as a hairdressing and hair care company.

From then on, a blender, an oven, a dishwasher, etc. are made. Today, the multinational corporation has an annual total revenue of R2 billion.

It comes with a 3-year warranty for its products.


The Dualit brand is a classic and excellent range brand. Although Dualit’s products are made in China, they have also been made in the United Kingdom, Vario, and New Zealand.

Dualit blenders can be purchased within an affordable budget.

The products come with a 1-year warranty.


Frothie is a great blender of attractive brands. Frothie is an Australian electronics company. Its products are manufactured in Australia.

It has multiple functions and different combination options that cover your needs. It provides healthy vegetables, fresh fruits, juices, etc.

It has gained a 5 star rating due to its popularity among customers.

Russell hobbs

The Russell Hobbs product was first introduced in 1952. This product is from New Zealand, and because the product is ideal and great for small kitchen appliances, it has become one of the leading brands for Australians.

Russell Hobbs blenders are made in China.

However, the brand is currently headquartered in England, located in Failsworth. It no longer manufactures its products in the UK, but has now shifted its manufacturing operations to East Asia.

Braun immersion

The Braun immersion hand blender is a modern addition to cooking. It is more convenient and desirable to the customers for its functionality, longevity, clarity, etc.

The Braun immersion product was designed in 1950 in Germany.

There is a model of Braun immersion and solid construction that is still made in Europe, in Romania.

Kitchenaid immersion

Kitchenaid immersion blenders have been made in Greenville, Ohio, USA since 1941. Not only that, some of the Kitchenaid immersion products are produced in Quebec, Arkansas, South Carolina, Ontario, Indiana, and Mississippi.

These products are widely distributed throughout America.

Kitchenaid immersion employs a total of 700 people to run the factory. Kitchenaid immersion products have a 1 year warranty.

Waring immersion

Waring Immersion is a brand owned by Conair. Waring immersion blenders have earned a reputation as valuable tools in the kitchen. These products are made in America.

These have a 1 year warranty. They will provide free service to you in case of any damage to the blender within 1 year.

Cuisinart immersion

Cuisinart is an American kitchen home appliance brand. The journey of this American company started in 1971. The first model of the brand started its first journey with the “Food Processor.”

Then slowly make a lot of different cooking furniture, starting with a blender. Cuisinart immersion blenders are also a product made in America.

The products are also priced in a very high range, meaning they can go up a maximum of $4,000.


Kuvings is a Korean-based company headquartered in Korea. They have been making juicers, blenders, etc. in their own factory for a long time, that is, for more than 40 years. Kuvings blenders are made and designed in South Korea.

Kuvings blenders have a 5-year warranty.


Sage is the UK operating name of Heston Blumenthal’s Sage Australian manufacturer. The company sells a variety of cooking machines around the world.

Sage blenders are made in the UK and are world leaders in kitchen appliances.

Sage products come with a 2 year warranty, but individual products may have separate warranties.


Tribest is a Korean blender with both smoothies and attractive blades. All Tribest products are made in Korea. This smoothie blender can grind and mix everything from salads and soups to different liquid foods.

It is one of the most beautiful of the 18th century. The price of these blenders can go up a lot.


Tefal is a valuable component of small household appliances. Tefal blenders were born to facilitate the preparation of the revolution in the daily lives of chefs and housewives. All Tefal blenders are manufactured in France.

Over the years, Tefal has helped simplify our daily lives and has finally become a leader in electric blenders and scales.


The Wolf brand is known as a very popular, elegant, and high-quality brand. All products under that brand are made in the United States.

These blenders combine high-performance stainless steel with ergonomically designed handles designed to be durable.

These prices start at around $500. They became known in 2015 as part of the luxury countertop kitchen appliance line.


Arcbt is a US brand based in China. Arcbt blenders can often blend coffee, juice, cakes, etc. with their smooth and good quality.

These blenders come with multiple different speeds and one or more programs.

The advanced features of these blenders allow you to refine every texture, from the smoothest puree to the thickest smoothie soup, with culinary precision.


The Bar brand is a fully Indian brand. Blenders from this brand are quite powerful, easily accessible and equipped with ergonomic control for food preparation.

These prevent time-wasting and are able to serve juices or liquids fast.

In addition to making them extremely easy to use, the durability of the bar blender is extremely important. Bar blenders come with a 1-year warranty.


The BATEERUN brand is owned by a Chinese company. This helps to handle nuts, ice, fruit, soups, etc. This blender also allows you to make nutritious, tasty, and fresh meals with very little time. 

BATEERUN blenders are not very expensive, and they can be purchased on a low budget.


The CEO and founder of the Beast company is Colin Sapphire. These blenders are currently made in China and are imported to many countries around the world, including the United States.

The beast blenders come with two different plastic drink containers, which provide double the results when blending. 

They have a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars due to their superior performance.


Bella blenders are good-quality personal blenders for versatile use. The brand was founded in 1986 in Poland.

Bella blenders come with a small grinding cup and an extra jar, which makes the food a better smoothie. 

Healthy, fun, fresh, and delicious food and drinks can be made with this complete line of versatile blenders.


The Bonsenkitchen appliance is designed to bring together healthy cooking and healthy living. Products of this brand are sold in three countries. The brand has one in Vietnam, two in China and three in Asia. 

With the Bunsen Kitchen blender, you can make healthy juices, desserts, etc. and serve them. These blenders offer a 1-year warranty and a 30-day free shipping return.


Brentwood Appliance believes in maintaining healthy and fresh food quality for a healthy lifestyle.

Among the small kitchen appliances, the Brentwood blender offers a wide selection and healthy results that help people create healthy food on a regular basis. The birthplace of Brentwood Blenders is China.

Every one of their products is made in China. These come on a very low budget, so they can be purchased very easily.


CasaCosa is a Chinese brand. All products under this brand are manufactured in China and supplied to different countries. It gives a perfect result by smoothing all the ingredients of the food. 

Ordinary Chinese brands tend to be a little cheaper, so this blender is not that expensive either.


CRANDDI is a countertop blender for small kitchens. It originated in China. This product from China serves as a strong point and is ideal for professional kitchens. 

CRANDDI blenders come with a 1-year warranty for their quality.


Dash is a US-based electronics company. Although it is a US company, its products are also made in China. In the explanation manual, each product of the brand exchanges information through communication. 

It can be used to make chocolates, pastries, cakes, etc. The product has a 1-year warranty.


The Easepot is a multi-functional, high-performance kitchen blender. Blenders originated in China. The blender can be equipped with a beautiful safety device on the kitchen countertop.

It is best for sauces, coffee powder, nuts, onions, garlic, food, juices, meats, etc.

Hamilton Beach 

The Hamilton Beach brand is based in the largest suburb of Richmond, Virginia in the United States. It has been working since 1995 to create innovative products for consumers in the United States and beyond.

The products of this popular brand have also established new markets in China, India, and Brazil. 

The Hamilton Beach blender is an attractive tool for the kitchen that blends any food. This blender has a 1-year warranty.


HOMEST is a hand blender and beater for mixing eggs, lachci, etc. This blender originated in India. It can be used to smooth out ingredients for cakes, muffins, etc.

Home blenders come with a 2-year warranty for their attractive product quality.


The Imusa brand was established in Colombia in 1934 to make small aluminum cookware. It expands into small-scale cooking appliances that distribute its products throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Imusa blenders are made in China. 

This blender usually works well for blending nuts, rice, chillies, etc.


JOYOUNG is a leading Chinese brand in the kitchen appliance industry. It was established in 1994 in Shandong, the capital of China.

It started by making the first soybean milk machine, then cooked rice cookers, blenders, etc.

The company has grown exponentially since the stigmatized milk scandal in 2008.


This is a blender in the United States. It has a rotating agitator and a drinking vessel that is placed on a stand holding the blade-driven motor.

It has become well known for its small and modern kitchen appliances.


The KOIOS brand is a German company. Every product of KOIOS, such as the blender, every part of it is made in Germany.

The KOIOS blender has been tested and beautifully designed through three professional-grade inspections. 

This blender has been very valuable to everyone for a long time. It has a 2-year warranty.

La Reveuse 

“La Reveuse” is a brand in the US. It is a unique cooking tool for making juice, sherbet, etc. Blender ranks 11003rd in the rankings due to its popularity with customers. 

The brand offers a total of 27 products for sale, including some with prime shipping. The average price of all La Reveuse blenders’ products is about $88.


LYTIO is a North American brand. Its powerful one-touch pulse motor enables it to mix vegetables, beans, fish, meat, etc.

This blender has a compact design that allows you to store it without taking up too much space.


MUZPZ is a blender with an anti-slip lanyard that is very easy to carry. It is usually made in China. Although it is a Chinese product, it is very beautiful and attractive. 

This blender is very convenient for camping, traveling, etc. It can also be purchased on a low budget.


PopBabies is an excellent portable blender with glass cups. It was designed by a team of artists in the United States. Any product in the United States gives great results. 

It is quite light in weight, so it is easy to carry. PopBabies is a smoothie blender that can easily dilute fruit, ice cubes, etc.

Robot Coupe 

Robot Coupe is a brand in the United States and France. Robot Coupe blenders are an attractive and well-designed team of artists from the United States.

Robot Coupe’s products are in the United States and France, where they can guarantee the highest level of quality by ensuring their efficiency.

The brand is factory-built and attractively designed with 30 years of manufacturing experience.


Shardor is a company that makes electrical appliances for small households. Shardor blenders are manufactured in China. It was filed with the US Federal Trademark Filing Department for registration. 

The SHARDOR brand has always been the number one customer.


Waring is one of the more popular American-based brands. It has built a reputation as a major source for kitchen tools and appliances. The brand was founded in 1938 by a man named Fred Osius. 

Since the world’s first blender, Waring has become desirable for providing high-quality cooking skills.

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Blenders are used to mix food and other ingredients in the kitchen. Each blender originates from a different country and is distributed in different countries. Blenders of different brands can perform different functions.

For example, some powerful brand models can crush or mix ice and other frozen foods. From the multiple brands of blenders above, you can choose which brand of blender to use for your home.

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