Should the oven igniter stay on? (Here’s why)

An oven igniter is a fundamental part of your oven that is used to ignite the appliance to cook.

With the help of power, the ignitor of an oven flows a certain amount of current and heats inside the oven to ignite gradually.

Therefore, you should stay on the oven igniter to run your oven while cooking. But now, the question is whether you should keep your oven igniter on or not when you burn the oven for cooking.

I’m going to find out the truth that you should do. Besides, I will also provide some necessary facts along with useful instructions that may help you indeed.

So, let’s delve into the passage.

Should the oven igniter stay on?

Generally, it is ordinary to stay the oven igniter on when the burner is also in operation. And you can keep it on continuously with no concern. 

When the oven reaches the fixed temperature, the igniter will be off for some time. But eventually, it will come back on and stay on again as long as you keep it to continue. 

Most of the ovens and ranges hold 3 basic ignition systems such as pilot ignition system, a hot surface ignition system, and a spark ignition system.

While the first one is operated manually, the latter two are run by electricity for which they are called electronic ignition.

However, these igniters are located in different positions according to the base and models. You have to locate your igniter and should keep it on while your oven is in use. 

How long should a gas oven igniter stay on?

How long your gas oven igniter should stay on completely depends on your set temperature. When you start your igniter and keep it to stay on, it will continue till the reach of the temperature that you have set.

At this moment, it may take almost a minute to ignite the oven and gradually 7-8 minutes to heat the interior

Following the system, it will maintain a cycle throughout cooking time. With the decrease and increase of the temperature, the igniter will cycle off and on to the last moment. 

Is it safe to stay on the oven igniter?

Yeah, it is entirely safe to stay the oven ignited while the burner is also on. You should not worry about the harm as you can leave it on during your cooking time.

After fixing the temperature, just keep the igniter on and it will fix the functions according to temperature.

You only have to ensure that your oven igniter is completely risk-free and operative. If your oven igniter has any problems or faults, you should repair it or replace it with a new one.

In addition, as there are different types of igniters equipped in the oven, you have to find out the location and make it functional precisely. 

How long does an igniter last?

An igniter is a very crucial component of an oven. Prominent and reputed brands that produce ovens ensure the high-quality parts of their appliances.

As a result, they entrust high-end oven igniters that are durable and can last several years. Basically, it is seen that an oven igniter can go two or three years incessantly.

Some of them also can live up to 5 years such as the gas range igniters. If you can maintain them properly, their life expectancy may also increase. 

If you face any trouble with your oven igniter, you can repair it at a reasonable cost. You can even replace it.

It may cost between $100 and $300 based on ovens. 

High-end oven igniter for your oven

1. FRIGIDAIRE 5303935066 Igniter 

The first one on the list is the FRIGIDAIRE 5303935066 Igniter for range.

As this particular brand is widely renowned for its outstanding household appliances, it has brought out a good number of oven igniters also.

This distinctive igniter is equipped with an authentic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part to provide a compact activity.

It has brilliant specifications that function well in igniting the gas to light the oven burner. In particular, it includes 2 ceramic wire connectors for better work.

In terms of cost, it is fairly accessible at around $40.

2. PRYSM Range Igniter

The second one is an innovation of Prysm, a world-famous industry in this particular sector.

This igniter basically replaces WB13K21, ERWB13K21, WB13T10045, WB13K14, and more other models of the igniters of the brand.

However, you can wholly trust this technology that is designed with premium materials so that it can offer excellent performance and last a long time.

It comes with a 1-year warranty that is another good thing about the igniter. Now, this is unavailable on the Amazon website for low production. 

3. ERP IG9998 Universal Gas Range Oven Igniter

Now, this one is the ERP IG9998 Universal Gas Range Oven Igniter, another spanking oven igniter for your oven.

It is made from high-end materials that it replaces the world’s leading brands such as Whirlpool, Brown, Ge, Electrolux, etc.

It is solid, potential, and particularly easy to install. It also offers a one-year warranty making it more long-lasting.

It works well in igniting the oven quickly and maintains the temperature accurately. However, it is also unavailable on the Amazon site. 

4. Kenmore Gas Oven Range Ignitor Igniter

After that, it is a Replacement for Kenmore Gas Oven Range Ignitor which model no is Norton-501a. It is entrusted with high-end components making it solid and powerful.

It includes ceramic wire nuts and a metal shield. It is designed in such a way that can fit most other igniters for which it is easy to replace.

Consequently, it replaces some of the most prominent brands’ igniters including Gibson, Maytag, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, Tappan, Magic Chef, and others.

It has satisfactory longevity and wonderful performance.

5. GE WB2X9154 Igniter

And lastly, this igniter comes from the GE brand that is convenient for gas broilers or ovens.

Embellished with high-quality components and excellent features, it provides amazing performance in igniting the oven.

Come with a one-year warranty, it ensures a long lifespan that is sought by customers. However, when it comes to cost, it is now unavailable for its wide demand. 

How to know if your oven igniter is bad?

If your oven igniter is not good and doesn’t function well, it may be somewhat risky for you.

Therefore, you have to be sure that your oven igniter is good and workable. To find out its functionality, you need to test it occasionally.

Well, by just looking at the igniter, you can not find out its problems. Instead, you have to test it to see if it is good or bad.

One way to check the igniter is the testing of the igniter bar by opening the broiler drawer and noticing the gas valve if it creates enough voltage or current.

If your igniter can not glow properly, it may have been broken or failed electronic control, or faulty gas valve.

Secondly, you should keep the meter on the terminals to check whether it can measure between 10 and 2500 ohms or not. If it doesn’t measure continually, you should learn that your oven igniter is faulty.

How much does it cost to fix an oven igniter?

If your oven igniter is deficient and ineffective, you must repair it for your own interest or you should replace it. It totally depends on the condition of the damage to your igniter.

So, if you notice any trouble or problems with your oven igniter, repair or replace it at a fair cost.

Generally, the repair or replacement cost of an oven igniter can range between $100 and $300, as I’ve indicated before.

The cost can vary according to the difference between injury and damage and the cost of installation.

Is it worth fixing an oven igniter?

An oven can last up to 15 years on average based on its quality, functions, and use. If you can maintain it fairly, it can provide you with your desired performance.

In this sphere, its different parts can get injured or partially damaged. Thus, you have to repair or replace those parts to keep your oven functional and efficient.

In this episode, if your oven igniter becomes problematic or damaged, you should fix it at a decent cost. It will keep your oven running and save your money by disallowing you from buying a new oven at a hefty price.

Therefore, it is completely worth fixing an oven igniter to keep the oven operative. 

10 Tips to use the oven igniter

Using and maintaining an oven igniter may be somewhat complicated to some users because of lacking proper knowledge of using it. However, there are some tips for you so that you can use an oven igniter nicely.

  1. As oven igniters are located in different areas of the different ovens, at first, find out your igniter’s location.
  2. Check your oven igniter regularly whether it works well or not. 
  3. Notice your gas tank whether there is sufficient gas in your tank to ignite the oven. 
  4. Ensure that your gas valve is in the On position to work. 
  5. If there are specks of dirt, debris, stains, and other substances around the igniters, keep it clean and bright. 
  6. You should clean the pilot whole from where the gas goes in and out. 
  7. To ensure safety, you must check the parts and electrical connections whether they are connected properly and safely. 
  8. If your oven igniters become defective, repair them at a reasonable cost. Or, you can replace it with a new and better one to get more effective performance. 
  9. While installing or replacing your igniter, you had better seek professionals for meticulous work. 
  10. When you need to replace a new igniter, find a suitable igniter that can fit the old one.


Upon discussion, now it is conspicuous that you can keep your oven igniter stay on while burning the oven for cooking.

It will bring no harm actually. Just you have to remember the safety issues whether your igniter is good to work and operate.

To use the oven igniter for a long time, you should follow some instructions that have been provided here. 

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