How Many Watts Does An Electric Stove or Cooktop Use? (Checked)

A Watt is a measuring electronic device that determines how much energy is used at any given time. The total power consumption of your electric range is estimated by multiplying the total number of watts used by the time this device is turned on as soon as you turn on an oven or cooking top.

Each stove comes in a different watt shape. An electric stove top burner usually sits on top of the stove with five heating elements. Usually, three large and two small ones are used for cooking or heating food.

The power consumption of a stovetop varies greatly during cooking. 

Typically, most electric stoves draw between 1000 and 5000 watts and come in at around 3000 watts on average. Smaller ovens bring fewer watts, and medium-sized and larger ovens come with much higher watts.

That is, depending on the size of the stove, how many watts the stove will go through.

In this article, we will discuss how many watts a stove or cooking top can produce. By reading this article, you can get a comprehensive idea of the wattage of a stove. Let’s come to the article.

How much watt does an electric stove use?

How Many Watts Does An Electric Stove or Cooktop Use

How many watts an electric stove uses depends not only on the model, brand, and size of the stove but also on which burner is being used and how it is set up.

One of the largest electric burners can use 2500 to 3000 watts, which makes boiling water useful for cooking or heating meat or anything of a large size. Medium burners use between 2000 and 2500 watts in a high setting. 

And the smallest burners use between 1500 and 2000 watts. And if both small and medium burners are turned on simultaneously, then that electric oven will often use 4000 watts.

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Do watts matter in the electric stove?

The efficiency of an electric oven depends on its watts. Although the size of the oven, the insulation and the burner all play an important role.

It usually takes a little longer to cook if you use a low-watt oven. Electric ovens can cook very fast. It takes less cooking time and consumes less electricity.

The lower the wattage, the longer the cooking time, and the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking results. So, of course, watts are very important in an electric stove.

Is a higher wattage electric stove better?

High wattage means high heat. Larger electric ovens are usually larger in size, meaning they often use more than 3000 watts. Larger ovens use higher wattages to speed up cooking. 

Moreover, high-wattage large ovens work much better than smaller ones. Better cooking results can be achieved in less time than the time it takes to cook food on an electric stove at low watts.

That is, it is better to run a high-watt oven at half power than a low-watt oven at full capacity.

What is a good electric stove wattage?

The wattage of a good electric stove usually means 3000 watts. Good electric stove models cook food at their maximum wattage. The faster it is cooked, the more energy is saved. 

Usually, high-brand electric ovens are designed with high-quality wattage. These provide good and delicious cooking results using over 3000 watts.

How much does it cost (on average) to run an electric stove for 1 hour?

How much it costs to run an electric stove depends on how much wattage of energy the stove uses. It usually consumes less electricity to make food using less wattage. And running a stove using high wattage costs a bit more.

Assuming the power rate is $0.12 per kW hour (kWh), the high heat of a 3000-watt oven will cost you about $0.360 per hour, which averages $0.180.

And if you take the power rate at $0.12 per kW hour (kWh), the low heat of a 1500 watt electric oven will cost you about $0.180 per hour, which is an average of $0.09.

How to determine the wattage of an electric stove?

The watts of an electric oven are determined by the model, burner, and size of the oven. The wattage value may vary with the model of the oven. If two burners are used together in an electric stove, the average for each burner must be added to determine the total wattage. 

For example, if you use both the smallest and largest burners together, add 1500 and 3000, being pulled by the total 3500 watt range.

Moreover, you can determine the wattage of an electric stove using this simple formula: (W) = Volts (V) x Amps (A). That is, by multiplying the voltage and amperage of the stove, the wattage of that stove can be determined.

0.6-0.7 cubic feet0.6-0.7 cubic feet
0.9 cubic feet900 watts
1.1 – 1.2 cubic feet1000 watts
1.29 – 1.47 cubic feet1700 – 1800 watts
1.6 – 1.95 cubic feet1900 watts
2 cubic feet2000 watts
2.77 cubic feet2300 watts
3+ Cubic feet2500+ watts

Average electric stove watts

Different types of electric ovens come with different wattages. Electric stoves have multiple burners or cooktops. The number of watts depends on the temperature at which the burner is being used.

Each brand and model cooks food using individual watts. Below, we are trying to highlight the wattage of different ovens, burners, and cooktops.

Types of Stove/ CooktopWatts rangeMost popular Model on the store
Countertop hot burner1500Check Price & Details
Smooth top burner1200Check Price & Details
Ceramic glass burner1200Check Price & Details
Portable countertop burner1800Check Price & Details
Double induction cooker3500Check Price & Details
Vitro ceramic vertical burner1800Check Price & Details
Portable glass plate cooktop1800Check Price & Details
Radiant element smooth cooktop2500Check Price & Details
Timer & Kid safety lock smart cooktop2200Check Price & Details
Thermomate built-in electric stove1500Check Price & Details
Sensor touch control stove6600Check Price & Details
Coil burner electric cooktop1700Check Price & Details
Cast iron double plate burner stove1800Check Price & Details
AC power source digital stove7200Check Price & Details
Infrared ceramic cooktop1800Check Price & Details
Residual heat indicator stove6000Check Price & Details
Fast black trim heats cooktop3800Check Price & Details
Adjustable thermostat portable electric stove1800Check Price & Details
Induction countertop stove7400Check Price & Details
Smooth surface ceramic cooktop2700Check Price & Details
Single plate portable induction stove1800Check Price & Details
Digital burner sensor portable stove1800Check Price & Details
Dual infrared burner1800Check Price & Details
Booster Burner Builtin induction cooktop7000Check Price & Details
Versatile keep warm setted stove3000Check Price & Details
Porcelain cooking surface stove2100Check Price & Details
Drop in electric stove8400Check Price & Details
Cast iron countertop burner1800Check Price & Details
Booster child lock burner3500Check Price & Details

Which electric stove will save the highest money?

Induction electric stoves usually save the most money. This is because these ovens heat the cooking utensils directly with magnets. That heated heat only flows through the pot that is placed on top of the stove.

Since they heat up your steel pots and various cooking pans through direct contact, no heat is lost in the surrounding air, so they achieve about 80% to 90% energy efficiency.

Induction electric ovens are widely regarded as the most energy-efficient ovens. The faster the stove heats up and the faster the food is cooked, the less energy is wasted, thus saving your monthly electricity consumption.

How to calculate the electric stove’s power consumption?

Given the wattage and power consumption of an electric stove, it is easier to calculate the power consumption of a heat stove. The power consumption is calculated by multiplying the time and power consumption by the wattage of the oven.

For example, if the rate of electricity is 15 cents per kW hour (kWh), the high heat of a 3000-watt electric oven will cost about 45 cents per hour. 

In this way, the power consumption of different watts is found.   

Total= P(watts) x T (hour/s)

Total=1000 W x 1.5 h = 1500 W = 1.5 kW

Electricity cost/price=1.5kW x 0.10 = $0.15 per hour

Electricity cost for different watts electric stove

In the table below, we find the electrical energy consumption of different watts. See the overall table for details of the amount of electricity consumed by an electric stove every hour, every week, every month, and every year.

Electricity cost: if price nearly 10 cents

Oven’s watts/ kWElectricity priceCost per HourCost Per WeekCost Per MonthsCost Per Year
100/0.10$ 0.10$ 0.010$ 0.21$ 0.91$ 10.95
200/0.20$ 0.10$ 0.020$ 0.42$ 1.83$ 21.90
300/0.30$ 0.10$ 0.030$ 0.63$ 2.74$ 32.85
400/0.40$ 0.10$ 0.040$ 0.84$ 3.65$ 43.80
500/0.50$ 0.10$ 0.050$ 1.05$ 4.56$ 54.75
800/0.80$ 0.10$ 0.080$ 1.68$ 7.30$ 87.60
1000/1.00$ 0.10$ 0.100$ 2.10$ 9.13$ 109.50
1100/1.10$ 0.10$ 0.110$ 2.31$ 10.04$ 120.45
1200/1.20$ 0.10$ 0.120$ 2.52$ 10.95$ 131.40
1500/1.50$ 0.10$ 0.150$ 3.15$ 13.69$ 164.25
1800/1.80$ 0.10$ 0.180$ 3.78$ 16.43$ 197.10
2000/2.00$ 0.10$ 0.200$ 4.20$ 18.25$ 219.00
2500/2.50$ 0.10$ 0.250$ 5.25$ 22.82$ 273.75
3500/3.50$ 0.10$ 0.350$ 7.35$ 31.94$ 383.25
5000/5.00$ 0.10$ 0.500$ 10.50$ 45.63$ 547.50
6000$ 0.10$ 0.600$ 12.60$54.76$ 657.00
8000$ 0.10$ 0.800$ 16.80$ 73.01$ 876.00
10,000$ 0.10$ 1.000$ 21.00$ 91.26$ 1095.00

Electricity cost: if price nearly 15 cents

Oven’s watts/kWElectricity price Cost per HourCost Per WeekCost Per MonthsCost Per Year
100/0.10$ 0.15$ 0.015$ 0.31$ 1.37$ 16.42
200/0.20$ 0.15$ 0.030$ 0.63$ 2.74$ 32.85
300/0.30$ 0.15$ 0.045$ 0.95$ 4.11$ 49.28
400/0.40$ 0.15$ 0.060$ 1.26$ 5.48$ 65.70
500/0.50$ 0.15$ 0.075$ 1.57$ 6.84$ 82.12
800/0.80$ 0.15$ 0.120$ 2.52$ 10.95$ 131.40
1000/1.00$ 0.15$ 0.150$ 3.15$ 13.69$ 164.25
1100/1.10$ 0.15$ 0.165$ 3.46$ 15.06$ 180.67
1200/1.20$ 0.15$ 0.180$ 3.78$ 16.43$ 197.10
1500/1.50$ 0.15$ 0.225$ 4.72$ 20.53$ 246.37
1800/1.80$ 0.15$ 0.270$ 5.67$ 24.64$ 295.65
2000/2.00$ 0.15$ 0.300$ 6.30$ 27.38$ 328.50
2500/2.50$ 0.15$ 0.375$ 7.88$ 34.22$ 410.63
3500/3.50$ 0.15$ 0.525$ 11.02$ 47.91$ 574.87
5000/5.00$ 0.15$ 0.750$ 15.75$ 68.45$ 821.25
6000$ 0.15$ 0.900$ 18.90$ 82.13$ 985.50
8000$ 0.15$ 1.200$ 25.20$ 109.51$ 1314.00
10,000$ 0.15$ 1.500$ 31.50$ 136.89$ 1642.50

electricity cost: if price above 20 cents

Oven’s watts/kWElectricity priceCost per HourCost Per WeekCost Per MonthsCost Per Year
100/0.10$ 0.20$ 0.020$ 0.42$ 1.83$ 21.90
200/0.20$ 0.20$ 0.040$ 0.84$ 3.65$ 43.80
300/0.30$ 0.20$ 0.060$ 1.26$ 5.48$ 65.70
400/0.40$ 0.20$ 0.080$ 1.68$ 7.30$ 87.60
500/0.50$ 0.20$ 0.100$ 2.10$ 9.13$ 109.50
800/0.80$ 0.20$ 0.160$ 3.36$ 14.60$ 175.20
1000/1.00$ 0.20$ 0.200$ 4.20$ 18.25$ 219.00
1100/1.10$ 0.20$ 0.220$ 4.62$ 20.08$ 240.90
1200/1.20$ 0.20$ 0.240$ 5.04$ 21.90$ 262.80
1500/1.50$ 0.20$ 0.300$ 6.30$ 27.38$ 328.50
1800/1.80$ 0.20$ 0.360$ 7.56$ 32.85$ 394.20
2000/2.00$ 0.20$ 0.400$ 8.40$ 36.50$ 438.00
2500/2.50$ 0.20$ 0.500$ 10.50$ 45.63$ 547.50
3500/3.50$ 0.20$ 0.700$ 14.70$ 63.88$ 766.50
5000/5.00$ 0.20$ 1.000$ 21.00$ 91.26$ 1095.00
6000$ 0.20$ 1.200$ 25.20$ 109.51$ 1314.00
8000$ 0.20$ 1.600$ 33.60$ 146.02$ 1752.00
10,000$ 0.20$ 2.000$ 42.00$ 182.52$ 2190.00

Choosing an electric stove that saves electricity/ energy

It is stated at the top of the article that induction cookers store energy and save money. This is because the heat in the induction stoves directly touches the cooking utensils, which makes the whole food cook faster.

These do not lose heat on either side of the heat exchanger or change the heat in the airflow. 

Moreover, it is not necessary to preheat the induction furnace, which also prevents energy wastage. An induction cooker cooks fast food using less energy and less time.

That being said, you can choose an induction stove for your home that plays a very skilled role in saving electricity or energy.

The most popular energy-efficient electric stove you should buy

In the current market, various brands of electric stoves have come out, which are very popular among consumers. Advanced brand ovens are energy efficient, which provides fast cooking results while maintaining the humidity of the oven.

Below, we discuss some of the most popular energy-efficient stoves that you can buy.

Ovente infrared electric stove

Ovente Infrared Electric Stove

It is a popular, high-quality stove in the top electric range that is compatible with all kitchens. It is made with stainless steel and ceramic glass. It is very thin and light, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. 

It heats up very quickly and evenly using 1600 watts, resulting in all kinds of food being prepared, even deliciously. It has a thermostat control knob to set the desired temperature for cooking various types of food like fish, meat, etc.

Moreover, any stove can be fitted into this oven, so it can be cooked with ease and hassle-free and it can be easily maintained.

Cusimax ceramic plate cooktop

Cusimax Ceramic Plate Cooktop

It is a double ceramic stove through which all the ingredients are cooked or heated efficiently by setting a certain temperature.

It is suitable for grilling fish, meat, boiling water, and cooking all kinds of small and big dishes. This oven-like stove has an auto-shut-off setting so that the stove shuts off automatically after cooking. 

It is more efficient, so it allows you to cook a fast food for more than one member of the household in less time. It comes with fireproof properties and is able to provide greater safety for children.

It has a stainless steel body and a ceramic cooktop that is easy to use and clean for a long time.

Frigidaire smooth top stove

Frigidaire Smooth Top Stove

This is a cooktop suitable for all kitchens of the Frigidaire brand. It is designed with four types of heating elements. Each heating element indicates a different temperature. 

It has separate setting options for quick cooking and slow cooking and cooks or heats food using a maximum of 1200 watts. Its expandable, flexible component is stretched to fit different-sized cooking utensils.

Moreover, the temperature of the stove can be easily controlled, is easy to clean and is safe.

Noxton electric cooker with child lock

Noxton Electric Cooker With Child Lock

It is a high-quality brand stove designed with four high power, different temperature burners, different setting modes, and a touch control panel.

With 9 power-setting models, you can cook everything from boiling water to fish and meat. This electric stove can fit ceramic, steel, aluminum, or any heat-resistant vessel. 

The heating elements in the stove heat up quickly and are quite energy-efficient, so the power consumption goes down.

Multiple dishes can be cooked evenly by setting the desired temperature in this hub. It is also designed with full-body glass, so it can be easily cleaned.

What’s affecting the cost per use/hour in an electric stove?

Yes, of course, the use of an electric stove has a direct effect on the cost. The more you use your stove, the more electricity you will consume. And if you use a lower wattage stove, the power consumption is less.

Electric stoves, which usually have low wattage, can be used for 2/1 hours, but power consumption is affordable. In other words, depending on the wattage of the stove, the electricity consumption per hour using the electric stove is more or less.

Watts rating of an electric stove

The following list indicates the watt rating values of different electric stoves found in your home so that you can compare them.

Element of stoveWatts rating
Smaller heating element1000
Medium heating element1500
Larger heating element3000

Watts standard electric stove: how many watts is a standard electric stove?

An electric stove may not use the maximum watts of power. However, the stove will not heat up until it reaches a certain set temperature. Different electric stoves come in different sizes.

Of these, we estimate that a standard electric stove is typically 3000 watts. The stoves use those watts to make different dishes. However, depending on the brand and model of the stove, the wattage can range between 3000 and 3500 watts.

Tips to save energy when using an electric stove?

Almost everyone wants to save on their monthly electricity bill. To save on electricity bills, you need to conserve energy while cooking at home. Not only will this save you energy over time, but it will also save you some money.

Here are some tips that will save you energy while using your electric stove and save you money on electricity bills.

Preparation of cooking ingredients before cooking

Before you turn on your stove, cut, wash, and make sure you have all the ingredients you need for cooking, then turn on the stove. This will save you 20% of your energy.

Proper cooking utensils

Use utensils made of ceramic when cooking in an electric oven. This is because ceramic pots can retain heat and provide faster cooking results at lower temperatures.

Let the pan fit on the burner

Do not put the small saucepan on the most powerful burner. Again, do not place the smallest burner in the larger saucepan. You fit the right pan by matching the range of your burner.

Use the lid

Using a lid on the pan while cooking makes the food cook faster and reduces energy dissipation. This will help reduce the power consumption of your stove by up to 50%.

Precise preheat

Preheat food on your electric stove for the specified amount of time.

Self-cleaning options

Turn on the self-cleaning function of your oven as soon as the cooking is over so that you do not have to reheat the oven to clean it after it has cooled down.

Cooking multiple meals simultaneously

Since the electric oven has multiple trays and racks. So, if possible, cook multiple meals in your oven at the same time. This will save you both time and energy.

Do not oven the oven door repeatedly

Keep the oven door closed until your food is finished cooking. Because if you open the door repeatedly, the temperature goes out, so it takes more time to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric stoves better than gas?

Today’s electric stoves are stylish, attractive, easy to clean, easy to use, easy to maintain, and less expensive than gas stoves.

They also offer the most stable work surfaces, provide improved cooking performance, and offer reactive heat control that gas stoves do not. Even electric ovens work much better for baking products.

Gas leaks can occur if a gas range stove is not installed properly, so electric ranges are generally safer than gas ranges.

For those who spend less time in the kitchen, an electric stove is a great option because it can cook very quickly. So it can be said that electric stoves are better than gas ones.

Is an electric stove worth the price?

Electric stoves are much more economical than other stoves. According to consumers’ reports, electric range rating, cooking provides improved performance, and good quality electric stoves are usually available for between $1000 and $2000.

But for a great pro-style range or electric, you don’t have to spend so much to get a dual stove; you only have to spend $5000. 

You should know that an electric stove is a department where you get most of what you pay for within your budget. That being said, an electric stove is worth the money that all customers are eligible to buy.

Does an electric stove use gas?

However, they contain liquid propane, natural gas, or other heat sources that are used to cook food. Current electric range stoves have gas cooktops on top.

Cooktops are used to make food at different temperatures of natural gas or gas burners. Electric gas cooktops do not use any other electric oven gas except dual ovens.

Are electric and ceramic cooktops the same?

No, electric and ceramic cooktops are not the same. There are some differences between them. Electrical coil surfaces are much more durable than ceramic cooktop surfaces.

And ceramic cooktop surfaces are smoother, prettier, and look faster in the kitchen than electric coils, have more cooking power, and look more comfortable. Electric hot plates are heated slowly.

Also, ceramic cooktops have the perfect balance of cooking efficiency and speed, being faster than electric coils.

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Final thoughts

An electric stove is known as an integrated electric heating device for baking and cooking. Often, all modern electric stoves come with a built-in extractor hood. Watts depend on the use of one or more heating elements in the stove. 

Each different watt employs a different cooking combination, a different heating combination, and a different heating power. Set the desired watts for your different dishes and serve the dishes very easily.

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