Are Euromaid ovens any good? (Checked)

Euromaid is an Australian top company that offers a wide range of European-made kitchen appliances with excellent quality.

The company has been supplying outstanding kitchen appliances to the Australian market since 1995. The Euromaid oven is one of their standard pieces of equipment.

Euromaid ovens made of stainless steel are stylishly and beautifully designed. It is a gas-fired electric convection oven. They make different foods by distributing natural gas and dry hot air.

The Euromaid oven brings a variety of cooking benefits to any kitchen and works quite well. They are easily controllable and easy to use. The dual fuel option makes sharp cooking more flexible, attractive, and delicious.

In this article, we will discuss whether the top-brand Euromaid ovens are good. If you are planning to buy an oven for your kitchen, this register will help you decide. 

Are Euromaid ovens any good?

Euromaid ovens are available in a variety of sizes, styles, features, and designs to meet any of your delicious food preparation needs and kitchen decor.

This oven has 5 cast-iron burners with a walk-in burner and a gas cooktop. Any food can be cooked instantly with the help of every high-quality burner and gas cooktop. 

The liners of different models selected by Euromaid come with different functions of self-cleaning and programmed cooking, which saves you the hassle of cleaning your oven.

Moreover, the electric ignition of the oven makes it quite easy and safe to switch the cooking cookers. So it can be said that Euromaid ovens are quite good as kitchen appliances.

Are Euromaid ovens worth the money?

In fact, Euromaid ovens are worth it if you want a comfortable cooking result in your home. This electric gas convection oven makes the food cooked deliciously with the help of a hot temperature. Not only that, it is ready to give you good results of versatile cooking in winter. 

It represents great value for money, providing high cooking quality and efficient results. This is definitely worth the money if you consider an oven for your daily cooking needs and want a quality model.

What is the point of a Euromaid oven?

The point of the Euromaid oven is that it is designed to feature a higher burner and multiple cooking options. Each of these burners cooks food faster by using different temperatures.

Especially for large family members, it serves as a special point for cooking multiple meals.

It is also much more affordable than providing high-quality cooking results. These valuable points play an important role in providing good cooking results with efficiency.

What are Euromaid ovens good for?

Gas ovens usually cook with the help of humid heat. Similarly, Euromaid gas ovens create a humid heat that is quite suitable for delicious soft baking and roasting. Hot moist heat gives the result of decent cooking of cakes, puddings, muffins, pizzas, grills, fish, meats, etc. 

The convection setting function for baking and roasting distributes heat evenly and makes the food crispy and brown. In addition, the dual-fuel option makes healthy cooking more attractive, flexible, and delicious. That is to say, these are quite good for baking and roasting.

The quality of Euromaid ovens

Euromaid ovens have been designed with high quality to use in cooking for many years. Learn about the quality of Euromaid ovens to get an idea of what kind of features you want.

Quality of Euromaid ovens are:

  1. Convection system mode.
  2. Telescopic runner.
  3. Heat shield.
  4. Automatic heat control system.
  5. Hidden oven base material.
  6. 3D/4D hot air.
  7. Rear adjustable anti-slip foot.
  8. Front adjustable anti-slip foot.
  9. Kick panel.
  10. Removable multiple trays and racks.
  11. Pyrolytic self-cleaning.
  12. 120 minute ringer timer.
  13. Glass door.

Why is a euromaid oven the best choice?

The Euromaid oven is a great choice for modern kitchens because you will benefit from the double benefits of cooking, using individual fuel options.

At the same time, they have the function or cracking range considering different sizes. With multifunction, you can enjoy cooking with the help of a fan with a timer function and other features. 

Euromaid dual fuel ovens grill with electricity, bake and cook food with natural gas. The dual-fuel option offers precise temperature control during cooking and provides double flexibility in food.

Allows you to prepare any large batch of food using an automatic setting in a very short time. 

Due to its excellent cooking performance and advanced features, Euromaid has become the best choice for everyone.

How well do euromaid ovens hold their value?

Euromaid ovens are beautifully designed for each multi-setting function that can make your cooking life dynamic and simple.

They give you the flexibility to cook food for a large number of people in a short time. They come with pyrolytic self-cleaning properties that protect the food from scratches.

Multiple trays and racks help to cook multiple meals in a short time, reheat the prepared food and make the food delicious.

It is also able to give better results in cooking while using less energy. In this way, they hold their value through their improved skills.

Are euromaid ovens worth buying & considering having them?

Euromaid ovens tend to get the whole cooking job done at an affordable price. They cook with less energy while cooking, so it is as energy efficient as it is affordable. This means that they can sometimes be found for less than $1,000.

It is a freestanding electric or gas oven in which you will find all kinds of unique features to compare with other ovens. Ovens come in a more specialized range with multiple cooking options that cover everyday baking needs.

If you are considering an oven for your daily cooking needs, this versatile Euromaid oven can be considered within your budget.

Do professional chefs use the Euromaid oven?

Most professional chefs usually choose a convection gas oven because it is easier to get heat control and cooking balance in such an oven. Gas cooktops offer quick results and efficient cooking for your meals.

Since it cooks quite efficiently, it also reduces the overall cooking time, which is a valuable bonus for a busy bakery or restaurant setting. 

The circulation mode of the Euromaid oven cooks multiple meals quickly and evenly, a feature that is quite desirable to professional chefs.

This large oven can be used to enjoy delicious food from a variety of baking items, including large chicken, turkey, and pizza. So, professional chefs use Euromaid ovens for their versatile cooking options.

Most popular Euromaid oven you should consider to have it

Euromaid is one of the most popular brands of ovens, with several models becoming quite popular. Ovens have gained a wide reputation in the consumer market as they provide maximum cooking results and have also become quite popular among consumers.

We are talking about the top 3 popular Euromaid ovens that you should consider for your cooking.

Euromaid ETD13B

The Eclipse series is the ultimate Euromaid oven in the range that is suitable for multiple cooking. This oven consists of a total of 13 cooking functions. Multiple dishes can be cooked very easily with each function, without any complications.

It has everything from big pizzas to fish and meat and allows cooking without using separate equipment. Moreover, the automatic timer setting option shuts off the oven immediately after your cooking. This Euromaid brand model offers impressive cooking flexibility with steam clean options and a touch control timer.

Euromaid EKD8W

This is the popular built-in model oven from the Euromaid brand. This oven is designed for a modern kitchen with six different functions. Large cooking capacity and the Euromaid Eclipse 600mm 8-function oven bring you multiple cooking power, efficiency and flexibility.

Convection setting options and a touch control setting give you the ultimate level of flexibility to cook delicious meals, such as frying and heating meals for large families in a short period of time.

It allows all cooking to be performed quickly and easily maintained. This model is a great option for easily adjustable, cleanable, and convenient placement of the kitchen.

Euromaid EKM5S

This is another sophisticated model of the Euromaid brand which is nicely designed with stainless steel. This model consists of 5 separate cooking functions. 5 different dishes can be made through 5 functions of versatile cooking. 

Removable trays and racks can be used for cooking needs. Touch control, auto shut, and a fan-forced function enable multi-level multiple cooking with even simple cooking results.

It is the perfect choice to complete your kitchen combination with a 600mm fan-forced multifunction setting.

Benefits of using a euromaid oven

There are several benefits to using a Euromaid oven that can make your daily cooking life more beautiful and easier. Below we are trying to mention some benefits of using a Euromaid oven.

  1. Provides fast cooking results.
  2. All meals big and small are cooked equally.
  3. Provides the ultimate level of flexibility for cooking delicious food.
  4. Food like fish, meat, pizza, etc. can be cooked at the same time.
  5.  Cooks large batches of food.
  6. Helps maintain proper taste of food.
  7.   Offers versatile installation options.

What would you use a euromaid oven for?

Euromaid ovens provide a housewife with multi-dimensional benefits in her cooking. Here are some brief reasons why you would want to use a Euromaid oven.

Fast cooking

With the help of the convection setting mode, fast baking and roasting results are obtained.

Equal cooking results

All meals are cooked evenly by setting the prescribed temperature.

Cooking options

Gas cooktops and multiple baking trays and racks can be used to cook many dishes at once.


With the help of a paralytic setting, all the food waste inside the oven is cleaned automatically.

Energy and time saving

Preheat is not required, so both energy and time are wasted.

What is great about a euromaid oven?

Every oven has more or less the same great quality. The great thing about the Euromaid oven is that it offers incredible cooking functions.

It provides the ability to prepare food very easily by setting the required specific temperature of the food. 

Euromaid’s built-in ovens allow users to easily and quickly cook meals. That is, the multi-cooking function and cooking speed serve as great features of the Euromaid oven.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a euromaid oven?


  • Provides instant cooking results.
  • Does not change in taste and nutrition.
  • It takes less time to heat the food.
  • Temperature can be easily controlled.
  • Provides versatile cooking options.
  • Makes food brown.
  • Uses less energy.
  • The cost of electricity comes down.
  • Available on an affordable budget.
  • Provides safety to children.


  • Food can be dried.
  • Becomes very sensitive.

How expensive are euromaid ovens & how much do they cost on average?

An oven is the most expensive appliance in your kitchen, which means the most expensive investment, so you must make sure that you have chosen the top scorer.

Euromaid has a range of good budget options in terms of price. Despite the low price, these ovens still have some decent advanced features. 

Prices for Euromaid ovens vary depending on the model. For example, single Euromaid ovens cost less. Usually, those 5 function models and 6 or 7 function models have an average price of $500.

The price of each of the double Euromaid ovens is above $1500 on average.

Are euromaid ovens efficient?

Of course, Euromaid ovens are more energy efficient. These ovens retain heat and humidity inside, which acts as energy-efficient cooking.

They produce fast food through high-quality burners and temperatures and keep food hot for a long time. 

Euromaid ovens take less time than other ovens to reach the required temperature of food. These are so efficient that there is no need to preheat.

That is, the Euromaid oven allows many dishes to be cooked efficiently at low temperatures in a short time.

Is there any reason to avoid a euromaid oven?

Euromaid ovens bring so many cooking benefits that it’s hard to find a specific reason to avoid them. These make each housewife’s daily cooking life easier by providing her cooking options.

Since Euromaid is a gas-fired oven, there is a need to be a little more careful about gas leaks.

If you keep gas cooktops clean and tidy, you can easily use Euromaid ovens. We believe that there is no specific reason to avoid Euromaid ovens with proper maintenance.

What is the difference between a Euromaid oven and others oven?

Euromaid ovensOther ovens
1. Prepares food through dry air, dry heat, and a higher burner.1. Makes food through flame or heat.
2. It provides delicious cooking results by distributing heat evenly.2. It distributes heat unevenly.
3. Prepares or heats food fast.3. Makes or heats food slowly.
4. Temperatures can be easily controlled.4. Temperatures cannot be controlled easily.
5. It is quite suitable for making large batches of food.5. It may not be suitable for making batches of food.
6. It saves energy and time.6. Energy and time are not affordable.
7. Investment costs are very low.7. Investment costs are higher.

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Final thoughts:

If the kitchen needs to be upgraded, a Euromaid gas steep stove from online appliances is a top choice for your cooking. Designed for longevity and reliability, this oven meets your flexible extra cooking convenience needs. Let’s prepare delicious meals for multiple guests at a big party or event. 

Freestanding and multi-function in electric, gas, convection, and dual fuel options, they offer ovens for everyone’s different needs. A Euromaid oven will be an integral part of your needs and kitchen for many years to come.

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